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Our Next Major Production

27 June - 14 July

in Chester Cathedral

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Rehearsals Under Way

Photographer Mark Carline has captured the mood of the first rehearsal get-together at the end of October, attended by Peter Leslie Wild, Artistic Director, Matt Baker, Musical Director, and Jo Sykes, our Chairman. And so it begins…

2018 Chester Mystery Plays Auditions (29th Oct 2017)

Launch Event

The official launch event for the Chester Mystery Plays on 3 October was very well attended, and everyone got an exciting glimpse of what the writer Deborah McAndrew has in store for the 2018 production! Photographer Mark Carline was there to record the event…

Chester Mystery Plays Launch 2018

Deborah McAndrew, Writer
Peter Leslie Wild, Artistic Director
Matt Baker, Music Director/Composer
Dawn Allsopp, Designer
Sam Cheadle, Project and Stage Manager
Peter Herbert, Production Manager

Read the glowing 2013 reviews

Chester Chronicle Review
The Guardian
Click Liverpool Review
The Observer
Daily Post
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The Guardian
“A profoundly everyday exploration of father, scone and holy toast”
“Matt Baker’s terrific score ranges from pub singalongs to majestic chorusus”
“David Edwards dazzles as a Dean Martin-esque Gabriel”
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The Observer
“Vividly and intelligently rewritten by Stephanie Dale”
“Matt Baker’s music unites heaven and earth”
“Francis Tucker’s Lucifer, Jonathan Sharps’s Jesus and Nicholas Fry’s God are outstanding”
Liverpool Post
“A modern miracle”
“Much to enjoy - and fear”

Click Liverpool
“A spectacle”
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Chester Chronicle
“Simply breathtaking”
“The most ambitious, memorable and thrilling presentations since the cycle was revived in 1951”
“Francis Tucker is just irresistible as a wickedly attractive Lucifer”
“Astonishing wall of sound”
Chester Leader
“Truly magnificent”
“A helter-skelter ride with distinct touches of modernity, whimsy and humour”
“Not pious, not preachy, but it does pack a punch”
Chester on the Web
“Magnificent and enthralling”
“A truly spellbinding performance”
“Superlative piece of work”
“Music.......was absolutely astounding”
What's Good to Do in Cheshire
“A dizzying spectacle”
“A must-see”
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So Cheshire
“Miss it, miss out”
The Public Reviews
“Winnie Southgate as a young Mary gives a genuinely touching portrayal”
“Lucifer and Lightborne - a great double act of Machiavellian Mischief”
“Plenty to enjoy”
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Latest Blog Stories

Musician Mike Riley talks about rehearsing the new score

The Team

It's St Patrick's Day and it's freezing outside and the snow is being driven horizontally by a strong east wind and obscuring the view across the river to the Groves. Mid-March has rarely seemed so cold. But inside we're warm and snug and rehearsing the music for this year's Mystery Plays...

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  • Sam Cheadle
  • The 2018 Company (pic by Mark Carline)

Sam Cheadle, Project Stage Manager, on her varied role

The Team

As a project stage manager I always say that if I do my job well no-one knows I exist and now here I am writing a column for the Chester Chronicle...

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  • The Trinity - photo by Neil Kendall
  • Nicholas Fry as Noah
  • Robin Leaning as Adam with Sarah Dyne as older Eve and Rachel Devaney and Feana Salisbury as young Eve

Cast announced for historic Chester production


A Christian youth worker from Blacon, a university drama student and a retired teacher from Broughton are just three of almost 400 people who will present the world-famous Chester Mystery Plays at the cathedral this summer...

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A brief overview from Jo Henwood, CMP's marketing guru

The Team

God has met Lucifer, the shepherds and kings have touched base with the Angel Gabriel and Jesus has had tea and biscuits with Adam and Eve...

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Stilt Performer
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