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And now for Mike Riley and Roger Davey on guitar!

Roger Davey and Mike Riley are two guitarists coming together from entirely different backgrounds and differing guitar styles. Roger, a chemistry professor at Manchester University, and with a background in rock and rhythm guitar, and Mike, a retired Chester GP, playing classical and flamenco guitar. 

Both met for the first time at the 2013 Chester Mystery Plays and formed part of the band for that production. Their aim then was to try and merge their two guitar styles to interpret and do justice to Matt Baker's lovely music. They probably had some success here as they were asked back to play guitar in several subsequent productions by Theatre in the Quarter including The Snow Queen, and Best Days of Our Lives. Mike was also lucky enough to play piano and guitar in the production of The Lost Boy last year. They have since also sung together in Over by Christmas and the Victorian Christmas choir, and are currently involved playing their guitars in the 2018 production of the Mystery Plays. 

Over the years an enduring friendship has developed and they have met frequently to play guitar together to create a repertoire and expand and develop their respective musical styles.  It is fair to say that they have both been taken out of their individual musical comfort zones, but they feel the end results have been worth it. They have regularly performed sing songs at a local Care Home and once again have been asked back so hopefully they are doing something right! 

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