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The CMP Blog

Being a bunny and a bird

My name is Emily and so far, I have really enjoyed being part of the Mystery Plays. I am one of the children in the Mystery Plays and I love acting and I love singing, but for me the acting is the best bit. 

I am a bunny in one play and a bird in another play, and I’m in other bits too. 

When my Grandma was at school, she was in the Mystery Plays. I am the youngest in the whole show, and I have made lots of new friends. There’s lots of people in the Mystery Plays and I really enjoy the rehearsals and seeing everybody singing and acting together. It’s going to be great! 

The Mystery Plays are fun, they are medieval stories and all the stories are from when Jesus was alive, and even before that, so it's quite a long time ago. 

It’s fun because everyone gets to enjoy themselves, and I hope when people come and see it they will like watching it. On Saturday we rehearsed a bit for the very beginning which is a fun start to the whole show, and very quick. 

At the start nobody really knew what they were doing, but after Cariad told us where to stand and what to do, it all worked out. 

My favourite play is Noah’s Ark, I like this play because all of the children come on, and some of the adults too, and the stage is full of animals. I’m excited to see the Cathedral change into the big stage, it’s going to be huge. I’m really enjoying myself, and I can’t wait until I perform!

 Narrated by Emily, typed up by mummy. 

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