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Nick Sherratt will play Jesus in the 2018 cycle of the Plays
  • Nick Sherratt will play Jesus in the 2018 cycle of the Plays
  • Passion 2017: Jesus on the Chester Rows
  • Passion 2017: Jesus at the Cross

Christian Youth Worker playing Jesus in the 2018 Chester Mystery Plays

As I write I am enjoying a coffee on Northgate Street and thinking about Easter. For the past two Good Fridays our city streets have seen one of the most well-known stories across the globe come to life in the form of the Chester City Passion Play with crowds of thousands turning out to be witness to it.

I always think how blessed I was to be a part of it, and how from one small conversation with a friend I ended up playing Jesus, and being crucified in the city streets, twice! As we approach Good Friday in 2018 I don’t grieve that the City Passion Play won’t be happening this year because something even greater is coming, and I am fortunate enough to be a part of it and reprise the role of Jesus in the 2018 cycle of the Chester Mystery Plays!

What strikes me about these productions is the incredible sense of community that it generates.

With the Passion Play we saw so many groups of people come together to produce and be a part of the spectacle. The momentum this generated is carrying forward into this summer for the Mystery Plays in the Cathedral, and that sense of community is central once again.

The attitude of people from all walks of life working together for one goal is admirable, especially in these times when it seems so much is made of difference. I love this city, and I love seeing projects that bring people together to further the life and culture here. So I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Easter, and hopefully see you at the performances in the summer!

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