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Being involved in the Chester Mystery Plays is a true blessing. To work with such a great group of like minded people is just a joy. The cycle of plays, dating back to medieval times, is performed in Chester every five years, thus keeping both tradition and a sense of community alive.

Personally, it’s providing me with an experience that’s refuelling my passion for acting, giving me a new found energy and enhancing my creativity. Playing the part of Angel Gabriel, God's devoted messenger, is a wonderful experience, as is the contrasting part of Mary Salome, a follower of Jesus.

As a primary school headteacher by day, I’m responsible for and dedicated to leading The Oaks Community Primary School in Ellesmere Port. I absolutely love my job, which allows me and my team to make a difference to the lives, education and wellbeing of all pupils and the school is a happy, calm place to be, full of love and learning.

Our Key Stage 2 children at The Oaks, along with teaching assistant Rosanna Martin, are making some of the props for the Noah's Ark scene in the production. This opportunity is giving pupils a platform for showcasing their artistic talents.

Being involved in the Mystery Plays is quite a contrast to my job, as I’m no longer a leader directing the school - instead I’m being directed during rehearsals. It’s a pleasant change! Peter Leslie Wild, the director, and the rest of the team, have a natural way of bringing everyone together and making you feel a real part of the plays. In rehearsals there’s always laughter, smiles and if we’re lucky brownies to eat!

With just a few weeks to go before opening night, share in the community experience by booking tickets and coming to  see the performance from June 27th to July 14th at Chester Cathedral. With the acting, costumes, live music, singing and more, you’ll sure be in for a fabulous treat!

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