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The CMP Blog

Jo Meek shares her new experiences as a cast member

I haven’t, sadly, ever seen a production of the Chester Mystery Plays so when a friend asked if I wanted to audition for 2018, I was a little 'well go on then'! I didn’t know much about it and never in a million years, thought I would get in! Well I did go along to audition and was accepted to be part of the cast. Oh what a difference it has made to weekends. No, more than that, I just love being part of the CMP family. Everyone is so helpful, enthusiastic and talented. We are a real community and want each other to do well. Many have been in previous productions and know each other but there is no ‘better than others’ attitude and new cast members, such as me, feel as important as anyone and everyone. We all want the production to be a total sellout and success.

I am singing in the ensemble and am blown away by the score, the talent and professionalism of Matt Baker, the composer and musical director. He makes us all feel at ease, that we are excellent vocalists and really does encourage each and every one of us.

I now have been given a small part as a Gossip, more luck than talent but I am so thrilled. Although I only have two lines, they are important lines, as is every line and word of Debbie McAndrew's or she wouldn’t have written them in.

I have recently been baptised and doing the play is even more relevant and helps me with my study, kind of makes it all fit into place.

We had a break over Easter and it is great to be back at rehearsals!

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