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Chester Chronicle launches regular CMP column

Great news for the production as local newspaper the Chester Chronicle introduces a new weekly column highlighting the work of the company, which will do an excellent job of spreading the word as we head towards our first performance in June:

The historic Chester Mystery Plays are returning to Chester Cathedral this summer and The Chronicle is supporting this incredible project by launching a regular column as part of the countdown to opening night. Every column will be written by someone closely involved in bringing this extraordinary community theatre project to life and we begin with business and project manager, Chris Walton. 

So, where on earth can you meet God, two Gods in fact, over a cup of tea; or Jesus having a chinwag with Lucifer and Noah; or Mary and Joseph eat­ing delicious lemon drizzle cake with Herod and an entourage of Roman sol­diers and Angels? Confused? Don't be - the rehearsals are underway for the 2023 Chester Mystery Plays. 

If you haven't heard of the Mysteries, they are enormously significant to Chester, the scripts having been adapted from those originally written in the 14th century in, what is now, Chester Cathedral. You really ought to come and discover them; even if you've been before, they're only performed once every five years and they are never the same. 

Chester-based director John Young has updated the Plays for 2023 and is holding lively rehearsals every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon at Dee Point Pri­mary School, assisted by movement direc­tor Emma Briggs, from Little Sutton, and stage manager Laurence Noble, from Upton. 

Man Baker creates the musical ambi­ence and holds separate chorus and instrumental rehearsals on Tuesday and Friday evenings. 

It's full on when you're working with 200 actors, with more than another 100 people in the background, creating costumes and props, working backstage and front of house. And they are all vol­unteers from all back­grounds across the region.

This summer at Chester Cathedral, prepare to be immersed in a re-imagin­ing of the Plays like never before - sound, light and spectacle; you may think you know the story, but not told like this! The Mystery Plays are an inherent part of Europe's cultural heritage and Ches­ter's cycle is the most com­plete in regular performance today. 

Make sure to get your ticket for this year or you will have a long wait for the next. The Chester Mystery Plays are at Ches­ter Cathedral from June 29-July 15. Tickets are available from Chester Cathedral box office or online at chestermysteryplays.com. 

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