Policy Documents

We take the welfare of everybody involved in the Chester Mystery Plays very seriously, and have strict policy guidelines in place to ensure everyone knows where they stand.

You can download these documents as PDFs using the links below.

For the purposes of the Chester Mystery Plays 2023, the following Board Directors have been appointed to lead for each of the following Policies:
1. Child Protection: Ian Sanderson
2. Equality and Diversity: Andrew Clarkson
3. Safeguarding: Ian Sanderson
4. Health and Safety: Simon Parrington
5. Bullying, Harassment etc: Felicity Roochove
6. Whistle Blowing: Ian Sanderson
The following officers shall be responsible for day to day supervision:
1. Child Protection: Julie Elston
2. Equality and Diversity: Chris Walton
3. Safeguarding: Julie Walton
4. Health and Safety: Laurence Noble
5. Bullying, Harassment etc: Chris Walton
6. Whistle Blowing: Directors
Any person who wishes to raise a matter of concern should report to any of the senior staff directors or Board Director but in the first instance to one of those named above.
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